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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Newspaper Clipping of the Day

Via Newspapers.com


This odd little story is from the “Deadwood Pioneer Times,” December 20, 1968:

A chemical analysis has failed to provide an identity for a substance which allegedly floated down from an unidentified flying object over Houston on Nov. 3. The report, released Wednesday by Gene Senter, president of the Houston Science Discussion Group on UFO.'s, said the mysterious substance, which resembled "angel hair," would be rent to the Aerial Phenomenal Research Organization in Tucson, Ariz., for further analysis.

APRO, an international organization, has 4,000 members including physicists, psychologists, scientists, and other related fields. 

Robert Hubbard, 15, and David Kelley, 17, both students at Spring Branch High School, retold Wednesday how they had observed the UFO Nov. 3, and like others, gathered the curious substance from the area.

"Look at the funny jet," Hubbard said he heard a child shout to his mother as he played football at 4:15 p.m. that Sunday. 

"I looked up and It looked like a coin on its side with a dome and black dots like windows. 

"I looked at it for about two minutes. It started going up slowly and disappeared when a (commercial) jet came out of the north," Hubbard said. 

"A few minutes later a delta wing jet circled the area and left," he said. 

Kelley said he and Hubbard retrieved the hairlike fibers which began falling over the area before the jets arrived.

Some of the substance reached the hands of David Wuliger, a professor of music at the University of Houston with an avid interest in UFOs.  [Yes, the same David Wuliger mentioned in the Houston mystery blood story.  The guy got around.]  Wuliger said a chemist, who requested anonymity for himself and his company, agreed to analyze it in the laboratory of a multi-million dollar petroleum industry company on Nov. 9.

"Microscopic and tactile examination indicates the substance is fibrous, elastic, relatively strong, somewhat sticky and white in color," Wuliger said.

"It looked like a rope with many fibers under a powerful microscope, but after being carbonized, appeared to have a honeycomb structure," Wuliger said. 

"The fact it only changed color when it was heated, indicated it was organic," Wuliger said the chemist told him.


  1. Sounds like fiberglass chaff:


  2. I wonder what happened to the 'hair'. No one from the government came by to collect it, apparently.


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