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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Newspaper Clipping of the Day

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It’s time for Mystery Lights!  The “Montreal Gazette,” November 29, 1938:

Esterhazy, Sask., November 28. Tabor Cemetery's mysterious light which threatens to give Esterhazy folk the jitters, tonight still challenged efforts to find its source. An attempt to unravel the mystery Saturday night failed because the eerie beam did not maintain its usual midnight schedule. 

During the last few weeks, the pinkish light appeared suddenly each night. It moved with terrific speed towards watchers, residents said, then quickly disappeared. Saturday night at 10:30 o'clock, a group of men trooped to the cemetery. Within half a mile they huddled in groups and smoked and talked quietly until after midnight but they trekked home disappointed because the ghostly glare did not appear. 

"This thing is giving everybody the jitters around here," one resident said later. "A number of men are now organizing to go on watch in the graveyard to see if any explanation can be given for the weird light." 

Some of the superstitious residents expressed fear "something awful is going to happen." Religious minded mothers daily reminded children to pray that no harm came to any one and the children are sent early to bed with windows covered with papers.

Subsequent reports stated that the eerie light continued to be seen by “hundreds” of people over the next several weeks.  (The crowds around the cemetery became so large that one enterprising fellow spoke of setting up a hot dog stand at the site.)  One woman suggested people were merely seeing “marsh gas,” but an investigation by the R.C.M.P. failed to find the source of the light.  About six weeks before the Tabor light was first noticed, a pilot named David Imrie reported seeing what seemed to be “navigation lights of a night-riding ghost plane” as he was flying the night mail between Regina and Moose Jaw.  That plane--if it was a plane--was never identified.

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  1. If this occurred today, there would be talk of government experiments with new aeroplanes or something more advanced.


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