"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, January 3, 2020

Weekend Link Dump

"The Witches' Cove," Follower of Jan Mandijn

This first Link Dump of 2020 is hosted by Mickey the Fire Cat!

What the hell are these drones doing in rural Colorado?

What the hell were the Phoenix Lights?

Michelangelo was also a great anatomist.

A stone-throwing Australian poltergeist.

A 19th century author's wanderings through Britain.

The weirdest theater stories of the past decade, and other theatrical links.

The mysterious death of a computer genius.

Some people are really not easily impressed.

The worst maritime disaster in history.

New revelations about old monarchs.

Happy New Year from M15!

People do the damnedest things to achieve good health.

Mysterious ancient swords.

A brief history of confetti.

A brief history of erotic asphyxiation.  Or, how to meet your death in an extremely embarrassing fashion.

The swinging 1660s.  If you're going to Early Modern Africa, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

Otzi's arsenal.

The murder of Joe the Quilter.

This doesn't strike me as a very well-thought-out idea.

The man who thinks he can build a time machine.

Why you might not want to visit Loch Ness.

Scotland's public weighing scales.

The weird side of the 1920s.

The real Hotel California.

This may be the "Oopsie!" moment of the year.

A Virgin Mary in Northern Ireland weeps blood.

A baby's kidnapping leads to one very tangled tale.

The last person to be executed for forgery in Britain.

A look at female serial killers.

Why Victorians loved tattoos.

Re-litigating history.

Tesla and the Pyramids of Egypt.

Yet another spouse who got away with it.

Murder at the Ruby Mines.

Theft at Holborn Hill.

Meet Percy, the fainting pigeon.

How an energy crisis gave us champagne.

You want to know who was nuttier than John Wilkes Booth?  The man who killed him.

The mystery of the bone in the retail store.

The best space images of 2019.

Vintage photos of London's St. Paul's Cathedral.

Lesser-known murders connected to the Manson Family.

The Frenchman executed by hypocrisy.

So, let's talk cursed mummy hands.

The two billion year old time capsule.

The medieval "Crime of the Century."

Well, this is a bit unsettling.

And that's all for this week! Tune in on Monday, when we'll look at a small boy's mysterious disappearance. In the meantime, as this is the opening WLD of the year, I thought this was appropriate:

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  1. I've read quite a bit about intelligence services (and yes, truth is stranger than fiction), especially the British secret and security services, and noted that MI5 would send out new year's cards each year, just to its members. And the drinking of the ancient urine mistaken for port is why I don't drink alcohol: one never knows...


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