"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, October 5, 2018

Weekend Link Dump

This week's Link Dump is sponsored by Strange Company HQ's hard-working research staff.

Why the hell is it dark in outer space?

Why the hell was this woman buried in her Ferrari?

What the hell was the Bell Witch?

What the hell was the New England Sea Serpent?

What the hell happened to the Witchfinder General?

Watch out for the Gwiber!

Watch out for those haunted rocking chairs!  [Note: I posted about another one earlier this year.]

Because I'm getting tired of being pestered with questions about how to survive mermaid attacks, here you go.

The mystery of the Horse With No Name.

Victorians did a lot of weird things, God knows, but they did not keep tear bottles.

A cautionary tale about social media: anyone can be destroyed.

A murderer who was so evil his town had to change its name.

Kelly, the Sassy Dolphin, and the intelligence of animals.

The very messy execution of an apostate monk.

Recruiting for the East India Company.

When the formula for good health was staying in bed and drinking a lot of milk.

A forgotten Norwegian witch.

The link between salt and the Civil War.

The good news: Caravaggio did not die of syphilis.  The bad news: He's still dead.

Mysterious art hints at an unknown civilization.

Horse-powered towns.

Rules for Victorian gallantry.

The coronation of England's first queen regnant.

The ancestor of badminton.

The Case of the 384,000 Squeezes.

The Case of the Sicilian Dwarf.

The Case of the Eternal Flames.

The Case of the Bog Bodies.

Mystery Blood in Scotland.

French ladies liked Ben Franklin.

The candy mastiff who was a friend to cats.

Booze and jealousy are not a good combination.

This Week in Russian Weird: Do that voodoo that they do so well.

An ancient Roman comic strip.

Vintage ghost-hunting tools.

The man who walked backwards for fun and profit.

Europe's oldest intact book.

The secret confession of a 17th century sailor.

Some lovely 18th century sketches of rural cottages.

A brief history of blood transfusions.

A DIY project goes really wrong.

That's all for this week!  See you on Monday, when we'll look at a haunted castle.  In the meantime, here's some Ludwig.  I'm not usually a great fan of piano music, but I love this one.


  1. The DIY - oh goodness - I could see that happening in my own family.

  2. Wow, the St Cuthbert Gospel is in incredible shape for its age. It looks about a hundred years old, not 1300... Mermaids seemed rather easily distracted, don't they? "I will tear you apart with my talons, I will drag you under the waves, I will - Oh, look! Barrel!"

    (And watch your research staff. Reading that close to the print may cause them to need glasses...)


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