"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, January 22, 2016

Weekend Link Dump

This week's Link Dump is sponsored by the Fraternal Order of Mews.

What the hell was the Cape Girardeau incident?

What the hell happened to Raoul Wallenberg?

Where the hell are these kings and queens?

Who the hell is this man?

What the hell is KIC 8462852?

Watch out for those Roman toilets!

Watch out for those cursed churches!

Watch out for those sheep-sized ghost rabbits!

Watch out for Two-Toed Tom the Demon Gator!

Watch out for Churn-Milk Peg!

Watch out for those 21st century Serbian vampires!

Watch out for those New Orleans prison ghosts!

New Jersey is really booming!

Kansas is really booming!

Bristol is really humming!

The Regency era was really itching!

The 14th century:  Come for the famine, stay for the Black Plague!

Victorian cat funerals.

Why Oscar Wilde's mother was a celebrity in her own right.

Irish shape-shifting Wizard Earls can always expect a warm welcome at my blog.

The evolution of a London street, 1840-2015.

Plagues of Egypt, meet the Great Squirrel Invasion.

The mystery of the Fisher King.

A murder victim's busy afterlife.

A future First Lady has quite the road trip.

Fairy tales are even older than we thought.

The duel between the Madame and the Marquise.

Planet 9 From Outer Space.

A 1917 map of Fairyland.

A Georgian gypsy romance.

No practical joke involving frozen pig tails can possibly end well.

Did a ghost create a miscarriage of justice?

Chronicling advertisements from 250 years ago.

The birth of preserved food for sailors and soldiers.

The birth of the bluestockings.

Educating the poor in  18th and 19th century Norfolk.

The mystery of Kipling's son.

Jolly Jumbo, famed English heavyweight.

The kilt in Georgian England.

The spook lights of New Zealand.

The hermit of Buckingham Mountain.

Georgian costume jewelry.

An 1802 infanticide case.

Worst fancy-dress costume ever?

Fun with coffins!

A guide to Victorian hairstyling.

Sir John Falstaff, highwayman.

The British suffer a "shameful disaster," 1809.

Ghosts, fairies, and Arthur Conan Doyle.

Two landmarks in Arctic exploration.

Yet another not-so-perfect marriage.

Alleged messages from the Titanic.

Is privacy dead?

The Feast of Fools.

In case you are still wondering how to take off your clothes, help is just a click away.

The Irish cat and the Spanish Duke.

Christina Plum learns that karma is a bitch.

A reminder why we are grateful for anesthesia.

"Mortuary Professions for Ladies."

The custom of writing on glass.

How the tomb of Napoleon's son wound up in Canada.

The "frigidity" of Frances Howard.  (My take on this superbly weird case is here.)

The hazards of Georgian vanity.

The East India Company in West Africa.

The memoir of a 19th century convict.

Insanity and a horrific 19th century family murder.

Istanbul has a cat-friendly mosque.

Supergirl is alive and living in Yorkshire.

Photographs of life in the Soviet Union, 1967.

The Dinosaur Princess of India.

The tower that memorializes an antelope.

The last of the Hobbits.

An Englishman's view of France, 1822.

A night on the town in 1937 San Francisco.

Beckett Cats!  (Perhaps I shouldn't be reminding anyone of this, but a few years ago I did a similar series of Poe Cats.)

A few stories about pigs.

Is this the earliest painting of a volcanic eruption?

Rewriting the history of the early Pharaohs.

Speaking of which, were there ancient Egyptians in Ireland?

Demon skulls?  Nazi briefcases?  Aliens?  Why, it must be time for This Week in Russian Weird!

And that closes this week's Link Dump. See you on Monday, when we'll be kicking off a two part series on kidnapped corpses. In the meantime, here's...SLIM WHITMAN! I love Slim Whitman! I love yodeling!

Because that's just how my bad self rolls.


  1. Wllaneberg's fate always struck me as very sad, especially as he must have had no idea why he was being kept a prisoner. The paranoid Soviets must have thought his connection to U.S. diplomacy, however indirect, made him a spy. What astonishes me is that in no account have I read of a Swedish demand of the Russians to know why they arrested one of their countrymen, a neutral, and a diplomatist. A good man who deserved so much better.

  2. So about that fancy dress costume:
    Nope nope nope. (And shame on her.)

  3. Whi . . poor . . . wil - ee -oou!!!


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