"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, December 8, 2017

Weekend Link Dump

Throughout the month of December, the Link Dump will proudly be sponsored by the League of Christmas Cats!

What the hell are these wooden structures?

Watch out for those underwater ghosts!

Some facts about Madame Tussaud.

Christmas dinner in Victorian England.

Dangerous driving in Georgian Norfolk.

12 libraries share their oldest treasures.

The history of the "cocked hat."

Russia's oldest city.  Which really is quite freaking old.

If your nickname is "Mad Jack," you're always welcome at this blog.

Yes, on top of everything else, the Nazis were goddamned weird.

A forgotten Arctic heroine.

A ghost and a misplaced grave.

How a Welsh family was rewarded for helping to make Henry Tudor king.

Dickens' dark side.  I've always thought Dickens was little but dark, to be honest.

Christmas folklore involving animals.

A Georgian "scene of low dissipation."

A Vienna poltergeist.

Glass half-full moment: was this sailor extremely lucky, or extremely unlucky?

This ghostly blog post gets extra credit points for the title.

The murders at Frank Lloyd Wright's home.

The Great Sphinx has been uncovered in California.   And it's looking for an agent.

A timeless Scottish town.

A selection of Regency slang.

Napoleonic exiles in America.

A female Indian warrior.

The family of Martin Luther.

The notorious London fog of 1952.

The first great American costume ball.

The Ladies Stone of Denmark.

Magic and medieval monks.

Romantic advice from the 12th century.

Vegan fairies.

Scottish orangeries.

Yet another Victorian urban legend.

A winter without Mr. Pussy.

Why you really wouldn't want to stand behind this French performer.

Is this where Julius Caesar landed in Britain?

The famous murder of Mary Rogers.

The execution of two bride-stealers.

Magical Folk and Munes.

A real-life "Evangeline."

And that's it for this week!  See you on Monday, when we'll meet one of history's great quacks.  In the meantime, here's Bobby Fuller.  He was such a promising talent; it's a pity that--if the most common rumors are correct--he fought the Mob, and the Mob won.


  1. Ada Blackjack was the true Mammoth of Wrangell Island.

  2. Whether it's because of Dickens or because they went all-out, there's something about the Victorians' Christmas... (Their servants certainly got to eat more meat than I ever do!)

    Have you ever read (or looked at, since it's profusely illustrated) Antony and Peter Miall's "The Victorian Christmas Book"? I look at it every Yuletide. It's a tradition with me, like the 1951 "A Christmas Carol".

  3. No, I've never heard of that book. I'll have to hunt up a copy!


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