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~Edgar Allan Poe

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Newspaper Clipping of the Day

Our latest installment of the "Boston Post" series, "Famous Cats of New England," looks at one very handsome pool player:
The first pool-playing cat to be put on the list of New England's famous cats is Bunkie Dodge of Dorchester. Out at the R.B. Dodge residence, 196 Boston street, the Dodge boys leave the pool balls on the table after they have played their game and Bunkie sees to it that they land in the pockets.

Bunkie can also start a game for himself by extracting balls from the pockets. He amuses himself for hours at a time in this way and the Dodge boys say he is a better shot than they.

High-minded in every sense is Bunkie. The top of a chair back is his favorite place for perching for a nap.

Fond of music, he often tries to start the phonograph with his little prying paw. Many a ramble he takes across the keys of the piano to treat himself to the music.

Bunkie Dodge has enjoyed motoring from Kennebunk, Me., to Boston.
~January 9, 1921


  1. I would like to see a cat sinking pool balls, but I'm surprised they didn't have to reupholster the billiards table rather frequently. That green felt would make an excellent scratching post (along with the seat of my Total Gym, and my desk chair, and every unguarded roll or toilet paper in the house).

  2. P.S. Can you imagine riding with a cat in a motorcar from Maine to Boston? I think that must be one of Dante's circles of Hell. :(

  3. It makes sense that Bunkie could dunk the billiard balls, but to bring them back up again is a feat. As for motoring from Maine to Boston, did Bunkie go with a human, or did he just take the car out for a spin now and then?...


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