"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, January 9, 2015

Weekend Link Dump

The cats decided they wanted to go bowling.

Unfortunately, there was a slight mix-up in communications.

Let's roll out this week's links:

What the hell happened to Zebb Quinn?

What the hell happened to the SS Yongala?

What the hell fell in the Cowichan Valley in 1905?

What the hell are Chime Children?

What the hell is this ancient amulet?

What the hell is climbing up this Mexican volcano?

Where the hell is the causeway for the Great Pyramid?  Now we know?

Where the hell is Philae Lander?  Will we ever know?

How the hell did the Dogons learn so much about astronomy?

Who the hell built this French pyramid?

Who the hell was Robin Hood?

Watch out for those crinolines!

Watch out for those First Footers!

Watch out for those Georgian Superspies!

Watch out for those cadaver tombs!

Watch out for the Yatton Daemoniac!

Watch out for the Balloon Monster!

Watch out for the Carpenter of Doom!

Pennsylvania is really booming!

Tennessee is really booming!

The whole world is really booming!

Prince Rupert and his Devil Dog of War.

Dining in the Abbot's Kitchen.

More Witch Pits!

The many uses of a dead body.

Napoleon's unmarked grave.

Queen Victoria's "dear Dashy."

More on the ugly history of makeup.

A look at some charitable dogs.

Burn those corsets!

Bright Eyes, a kitten who became mascot of a New York tunnel.

Pass the gin.

Ghosts as raucous public entertainment.

A musical recording from ancient Egypt.

The first Horse Whisperer?

The life of a woolcomber, and why it should matter.

Yet another tale about the ghost of a murder victim seeking justice.

The dark side of Victorian lodging houses.  (The lede to this one is unforgettable...)

A 14th century murder mystery has recently been uncovered.

Alcohol archaeology!  Pass the Etruscan ale.

Meet a cat dowser.

The amazing survival of a 300-year-old Siberian church.

Goodbye to organ grinders.

More suggestions that King Charles III will be an anti-monarchist's best friend.

An 18th century chocolate recipe.  Musk?  Musk?!

Know your cryptids!

The life of a Chinese eunuch.

Charles Lamb's big night on the town.

Here's your big chance to fly over the Middle Ages.

"Three-fingered Jack," an ornament of the 19th century stage.

God bless America: our Founding Fathers could drink a battalion of Marines under the table and back again.

A look at some historical notebooks.

And there we go. See you on Monday, when we'll be traveling to the Georgian Era for a look at one of my favorite aristocratic oddballs. In the meantime, here's Tish Hinojosa:


  1. I can't wait to get clicking on this week's list!

  2. That's a good article about Napoleon on St Helena, even if the author did bring out the old chestnut about the emperor being poisoned. The way the man's health was even before his exile, it's surprising he lived as long. As for St Helena, it looks like a pleasant place, a wonderful retreat, far from anywhere. But I suppose I might see it differently if I had once owned Europe.

  3. I recently had the opportunity to sample a reproduced historic drinking chocolate recipe that was very similar to the one linked here, right down to the ambergris and musk (in essential oil form). It was interesting; it had a sort of earthy, smoky flavor. I'm not sure if the smokiness came from the musk or one of the spices, though, and I admit I was pretty skeptical about the idea of the stuff as a flavoring agent too.


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