"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, August 15, 2014

Weekend Link Dump

Strange Company wishes to remind everyone that we all need somebody to lean on.

The cats heartily agree.

On to this week's helping of Links 'R Us:

What the hell is swimming in earth's oceans?

What the hell is flying in earth's atmosphere?

Who the hell were the Zonians?  Find out here!

Watch out for those pervert poltergeists!

Watch out for those fairies!

Lima is really booming!

Christianity on the Nile.

This may not be Alexander the Great's tomb, but it'll do for the moment.

Lovely photos of Orkney's Standing Stones.

A Liverpool woman caught between the Devil and the tax collectors.  Forgive the redundancy.

A roundup of mirages seen around the world.

A scandalous Georgian elopement.

Censoring tombstones.

Meeting up with some very strange company.

That time when American boys went to a Nazi summer camp.

A look at 1744 Boston:  Many pretty women, and no prudes.

A handy guide to Jacobean brothels.

A handy guide to 18th century pick-up lines.  Don't try these at home!

The underground cities of WWI.

If this theory is true, being an Iron Age king had its drawbacks.

A lunatic con artist running amok in the world of horse racing.

Two sleeps: A lost historical practice.  (Incidentally, I read "At Day's Close" a few years ago, and I highly recommend it.  Fascinating book.)

Hell Kitty:  The Guide to Demonic Cats.

Hail Kitty:  The Guide to Shapeshifting Cats.

A Duchess and her shells.

The Vindolanda Tablets:  A peek into the private world of Roman Britain.

Barney Gibbons, probably the Civil War's unluckiest soldier.

Tsutomu Yamaguchi, probably either the unluckiest or the luckiest man of 1945, I'm not sure which.

Personally I think a Ryan Gosling bathroom is weird, creepy, and somewhat pathetic.  On the other hand, put together a Lane Davies bathroom, and I'm there.

Are UFOs passe?

While we're on that subject, here's a look back at a 40-year-old UFO.

Another example of how science is only beginning to catch up to Poe's "Eureka."

Charles XI looks at the future.

The terror of night terrors.

I can't imagine this is a good sign.

Hey, maybe the Holy Grail is a really good salad.  Anyone ever think of that?

To anyone nostalgic for the "good old days," I have two words for you:  "Fish custard."

Seeking a pardon for a witch.

Cincinnati's courthouse riots of 1883.

Leicester's balloon riots of 1864.

Arabella Williams, little-known Georgian spy.

A 15th century farm in 21st century London.

And, finally, our song of the week:  Linda Ronstadt and Ann Savoy's heartbreakingly lovely cover of "Walk Away Renee."

Well, I'm outta here. See you on Monday, when I'll be presenting the story of a woman who was once America's most famous invalid.

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