"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekend Link Dump

Strange Company likes to think that this blog is enough to make a cat laugh.

Aberdeen Journal, February 5, 1927, via British Newspaper Archive

Although the alternative suggested above is always a possibility.

And off we go to the links:

What the hell happened to the people of Chaco Canyon?

Who the hell was Kitty Burnham?

Who the hell is the Walking Woman in Black?

What the hell is flying over Toronto?

What the hell is flying over Germany?

What the hell is killing bees?

What the hell is happening in the Ural Mountains?

Seriously now, what the hell is happening in Siberia?

Watch out for those Ladies of Learning!

Watch out for the Cannibal Club!

Watch out for Old Vinegar!

North Carolina is really booming!

Pennsylvania is really spooky!

Another one from the "To Hell With 'Till Death Do You Part' File."

How singing freed a nation from Soviet domination.

The cats of the Hermitage.

Flirting made easy!

A parade of century-old kittens.

If plants are intelligence, that half-dead tree in the backyard is plotting revenge against me.

Dogs are a dog's best friend, too.

Someone's got a 300-million-year-old screw loose.

We keep finding proof that we've underestimated ancient civilizations.

Can you solve the Mystery of the Red Shirt Banshee?

Dear Abby meets the Middle Ages.

Goofy secret society?  Or even goofier elaborate con?

Holey and Gittel, two of New York's luckiest (or unluckiest?) cats.

Speaking of luck...did a lack of it wipe out the dinosaurs?

Billy Thompson, "New Jersey's darkest disgrace."

Jack Slack, who had a knack for the whack.

The first Sexy Vampires.

Dreaming of dead people.

A Tudor murder mystery, or why you never, ever wanted Henry VIII to accuse you of being a poisoner.

Masking the scars of WWI.

The kind of thing that happens when dad is a vampire.

Yolande de Dreux, who was very briefly Queen of Scots.

A 19th century Chinese UFO.

A lovely little Georgian graveyard hidden in London.

And, finally, our musical interlude for the week:  In honor of Dr. Beach's look at the power of Baltic singing, how about a Latvian drinking song, honoring the power of beer?

That's it! See you on Monday, when I'll be looking at a woman who was either an incredibly audacious impostor or the victim of an incredible wrong.


  1. I like little Mortlake Cemetery, in Richmond, London. It's nice to have small oases of serenity like that, remembrances of the dead but also of so many other things. I like too that there is a 'Friends' society dedicated to caring for the graveyard.

  2. Yay! Back in the Weekend Link Dump! It's a great Friday.


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