"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, December 13, 2019

Weekend Link Dump

Renoir, "Luncheon of the Boating Party"

This Friday the 13th Link Dump is hosted by some lucky black cats!

The tragedies of Tumbling Run.

How alcohol saved humanity.

Superstitions about magnets.

Turning song into art.  Literally.

This week in Russian Weird looks at their Valley of Death.

A look at Christmas 1819.

If you're going to have a funeral for a doll, best to keep it simple.

A play named after Satan, and other theatrical links.

18th century general elections were...messy.

A last letter from the Indian Mutiny.

Early Modern "falling sickness."

How Santa has been depicted in France.

Honoring one of the great Sailor Cats.

The animals of Georgian London.

Tipsy the Detective Cat.

Graham Hancock's unorthodox archaeology.

A hotel's Christmas ghost.

Michelangelo, Architect of God.

The lover of painter J.M.W. Turner.

Fraudulent petitioners.

Our ancient ancestors really got around.

The importance of an Iron Age shield.

One of the weirdest houses in Britain.

Imagine being trapped on a land controlled by dangerous lunacy.  No, no, it's not 2019 California, although I do see the similarities.

Christmas in 19th century Spain.

A girl's Gilded Age diary.

A brief history of aeronauts.

A brief history of cheetah racing.

A brief history of beer.  

A brief history of Dunnottar Castle.

A man buried with a puppy from 12,000 years ago.

Immorality in the Pentonville Road.

Are we living on the wreckage of former civilizations?

The link between a royal dressmaker and a body-snatcher.

A graceful ghost.

A case of parricide.

Victorian Christmas shopping.

Was Camus murdered by the KGB?

Animals on trial.

One really freaking old archaeological site.

And we're outta here for this week! See you on Monday, when I'll be doing a guest post over at "Murder by Gaslight."  In the meantime, I figure it's late enough in the month to play this winter song again.

I tell people, "This is what it's like to be Latvian."


  1. Aleister Crowley has always struck me as one of the world's biggest humbugs. He probably had a great interest in the occult but was, in the end, a mere dabbler, his superficiality running very deep, as it were. I do like George Sanders in a good movie, though. There is something sad about 1940s lead actors in the 1960s.

    And Camus being killed by the Russian: it's possible, but, though the KGB and its predecessors murdered millions for less, by Camus's time, the Russians usually needed a bit more motive to murder than just opposition.

    1. Not to mention that rigging a tire to blow out is a very very low-percentage way of assassinating someone. I don't have any statistics, but we can safely assume that the overwhelming majority of blowouts do not result in fatal crashes.

    2. Yes, you're right; it's a better method of giving someone a warning, which the Soviets usually didn't. Most conspiracy theories fall apart with some thought.

  2. Oh! the winter song! I wanted it never to end!

    Then I realized it was never going to.


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