"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, June 17, 2016

Weekend Link Dump

The Link Dump opens on a different note this week, with a brief tribute to one wonderful, happy dog.  I had the pleasure of Lexi's acquaintance for years, and I can tell you that around Santa Anita, she'll be greatly missed.

Below are a couple of pictures I took a while back of Lexi on the job:

And taking time off for some R & R:

Why the hell did Beverly Sharpman leave home?

Watch out for those cursed ship-eating sand bars!

Watch out for those Night-Walkers!

Watch out for those Victorian reptiles!

Watch out for those one-legged murderous clowns!

Watch out for those two-legged murderous phrenologists!

Watch out for the Metal-Mouthed Dogman of Clare!

Nantucket's Summer of the Sea Serpent.

A horrible discovery at Gloucester.  The header is an image from the Illustrated Police News, so you know that description is not given lightly.

What a medieval Dr. Oz would be nagging you to eat.

The secrets of medieval bookspines.

More ancient Roman notes.

Regency seduction tips.  Watch out for those toes.

Oh, just another 4,000 year old bird that drips blood.

Stanley Kubrick looks at a dog's life in 1940's NYC.

The audacious Colonel Blood.

We revisit Grace O'Malley, Irish pirate queen.

A dinosaur dinner party.

A sampling of Scottish folktales.

The famed birth of Frankenstein.

An 18th century kraken.

A haunted mass grave.

An early fatal balloon accident.

A pub's "living sign."

The history of being in the doghouse.

A look back at Sergeant Monday.  Bring nuts.

Elizabeth Simmonds' very lucky escape.

The history of wedding night games.  No, no, not those games.  What kind of a blog do you think I'm running here?

A 19th century "witch burning."

The beginning of tourism.

A 19th century Ghostbuster.

The Electrostatic Flying Machine.

Our Thomas Morris Advice For the Week:  What not to do with a cow horn.

Bonus:  What not to do with a quantity of dried peas.

More information about a famous "ancient computer."

One of Early Modern London's many problems: coal smoke.

We keep creating artificial intelligence, even though we keep having so much trouble with the home-grown variety.

The not-so-mysterious sea mystery of Joshua Slocum.  Thankfully, there's also wine.

The Committee of Public Safety.

Julian Eltinge, at your service.

18th century gambling.

An unusual murder weapon.

The strange case of Friendship Island.

Rewriting Cambodian history.

In Hell's choir, the Devil is a tenor.  Just so you know.

Finding proof of an ancient Norwegian saga.

Why Bamberg, Germany persecuted a lot of witches.

An inside look at the court of George III.

Richard Hoodless, Horse Swimmer.

Victorian goldfish.

19th century Men in the Moon.

Napoleon felt castration had its benefits.  Oh, never mind, just click the link.

19th century Burmese fun and games.

That time the Devil showed up in police court.

The legend of the cursed Hayden House.

And so ends another Link Dump.  See you on Monday, when we'll be looking at that evergreen topic, arsenic.  In the meantime, here's the great Rose Maddox:

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  1. The story about the one-legged clown started as oddly as it ended: a wealthy heiress and her fiancé moved into a house to live with circus performers?? I take it we aren't talking about heiresses of the rank of a Rothschild or Carnegie...

    Lexi looked like she had a fun and friend-filled life. Godspeed, Lexi.


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