"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekend Link Dump

A word of warning:  Strange Company has now employed a big, tough, muscular, take-no-prisoners bouncer for when things get too rowdy around here.

You want to know what she does with spammers? She swallows them whole.

On to the links:

Who the hell was Beachy Head Lady?

What the hell were these WWII soldiers seeing?

What the hell killed William Henry Harrison?

What the hell is the Face on Mars?

Watch out for those money-grubbing aliens!

Watch out for those British Museum artifacts!

Watch out for the Wailing Wilga Waterhole!

Watch out for the Jinkenmen!

Watch out for those deadly phone calls!

Watch out for those deliberately dangerous beards!

Watch out for those Loch Ness Larval Longnecks!

Watch out for those Bay Area hotels!

Watch out for those combusting corpses!

Watch out for those Ladies of Learning!

No need to watch out for the rats?

Oklahoma is still really booming!

VE Day was even livelier than we think.

The "time capsule" of a British soldier killed in World War I.

Gordon Selby:  World War II's luckiest man?

Escape to a lovely dream world of early 20th century gardens.

Humans were not the only ones who suffered and died:  A guide to the dogs of the Titanic.

How old mug shots reveal the social history of one small American town.

Believe it or not, some people once thought trying to conjure up a ghost with their minds was a good idea.

Meet the Medicinal Plaister Papas.  And yes, that would make the greatest name for a rock band ever.

Meet Simon of Sudbury.  And yes, that would be the perfect name for the lead singer of the Medicinal Plaister Papas.

Redefining death.

Perhaps we should redefine death as this cave.

Don't be too anxious to explore other planets.  We're barely getting to know our own.

A useful guide to Vietnamese ghosts.

The strange, fascinating world of Immanuel Velikovsky.

In other words, archaeologists are full of...well, never mind.

More reasons why the "Cosmos" reboot is a travesty.

A look at Hogarth's oddly prescient March of Intellect.

Prince Charlie wasn't so Bonnie after all.

I'll bet this is the best chicken beauty pageant photo essay you'll see all day.

Good grooming, World War I style.

Egyptian glyphs found in Australia; historians hardest hit.

Ancient artifacts found in China; historians even harder hit.

Unmaking the Gloucester Sea Serpent.

Unwrapping mummies.  Fun for the whole family!

A charming pictorial look at a long-vanished London.

Some handy maps of Hell.

Clipping the Church.

The birth of a classic cliffhanger.

Meet Lady Meux.  And her zebras.

Why a dog is a composer's best friend.

Thus proving that even geniuses can qualify for the Darwin Award.

Oh, and it turns out Cthulhu was a Harvard man.  (Update:  Or not?)

And we're done!  I'll be back on Monday, with a look at one of the most remarkable lawyers of the early 20th century.  Picture a cross between Perry Mason and the Angel of Death.


  1. BAD idea reading about giant caves, chilling (apparently) dead bodies, and malarial blood-transfusions before breakfast. Most anxiety-producing! Thanks for the SHC link!

  2. Whee! Another awesome link list - complete with zebras! Happy Friday!

  3. Those hand-tinted pictures of gardens are beautiful, better than the real thing. I wish I lived in them!


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