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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Newspaper Clipping of the Day

Via Newspapers.com

While I can’t say I’d like to have a ghost move into my residence, I’d make an exception for one that’s willing to take over the housekeeping.  The “Cincinnati Enquirer,” March 21, 1891:

Mechanicsburg, Ohio. March 20. Of late years this section of territory has been fortunate in escaping the visitations of ghosts, but it appears that one has recently been stalking about.

Mr. Hiram Ruthless is a sober, reliable, industrious man, whose word is as good as his bond among his associates. Something over a year ago Mr. Ruthless took unto himself a wife and, renting a house, set to housekeeping.  During their stay in this house the family has been subjected to strange sounds issuing from the interior of the dwelling in the dead of night, which up to this time remain unaccountable. On several occasions they have been aroused from slumber as by someone pounding on the head-board of the bed, shoveling coal into the stove, footsteps overhead, a search and examination in each instance resulting in no discovery of the mystery.

A few mornings ago the family arose at the usual hour, when, upon entering the dining room, they found that the ghost. as was supposed, had been there first, and placed the knives, forks and plates upon the table in their accustomed places. The wife questioned her husband in regard to the matter, thinking it a practical joke of his, but he maintained that he had been no party to the action, and casually mentioned that the ghost might know something about it. The lady scouted the idea, however, as she is no believer in ghosts. 

The night following the above circumstance, after the family had retired to bed, Mr. Ruthless was aroused from his slumbers by what appeared to be voices in the room. Opening his eyes and looking around he beheld a sight that caused his heart to beat tumultuously for a few seconds. Standing within a few feet of him was a figure clad in a white robe which enveloped the entire form from head to foot. The figure was considerably bent forward, not unlike that of a person whom years bore heavily upon. 

It seemed to be motioning for Mr. Ruthless to follow it, as it began to slowly glide backward toward the dining room door. He arose with a feeling born of fear, and nervously slipped into his garments. By the time he had accomplished this feat and taken his revolver from under his pillow, he was prepared to follow the retreating figure of the apparition. But just at this juncture it faded from sight, seemingly enveloped in a sort of phosphorescent light. 

This has been the last seen of the apparition, if such it may be termed, although the ghostly noises have since been noticeable about the house.

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  1. Another guy with a firearm right under his pillow... The again, he was Ruthless. As for housework, for years I've been trying to interest pixies in doing that while I sleep; I have a bowl of cream all ready for them...


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