"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, April 27, 2018

Weekend Link Dump

This week's Link Dump is sponsored by the International Federation of Vintage Cats in Hats!

What the hell are the Edinburgh coffin dolls?  This guy thinks he knows.

What the hell are these Arctic circles?  I'm betting H.P. Lovecraft would know.

Where the hell is Hell?  It turns out to be in quite a few places, which should surprise no one.

Watch out for those cursed trees!

Watch out for those saucer-eyed monsters!

Watch out for the sea monster of the Bahamas!

The Milky Way, revealed.

A Victorian girl becomes a Victorian boy.

A dead guy finds a good Samaritan.

Go to the Maldives, and live like a mermaid.

The life of a "botanical daredevil."

Some ballooning "firsts."

A teenage girl turns horse thief.  (Shades of our old friend Josephine Perkins!)

Speaking of horse thieves, here's how Jimmy really became Blue.

The "Norwegian Brothers Grimm."

The woman who taught Amelia Earhart to fly.

Do animals predict earthquakes?

Looking for a DIY project involving human thigh bones?  Here you go!

An early motor car.  Really, really early.

A newly-discovered skeleton in Pompeii.

The living Bonaparte descendants.

Solving Germany's oldest cold case.

The murder of a dodo.

Naughtiness in the shrubbery.

A well-intentioned traitor.

Neanderthals may have gone on sea voyages.

China's bringing out heavy artillery in order to play God with the climate. What could go wrong?

Only click this link if you're in the mood for stories about nasal worms.  And don't say I didn't try to warn you.

Ghost stories from Kashmir.

A ghost that played architecture critic.

Smuggling via hot air balloon.

The art of the silhouette.

A Danish sailor in Norfolk.

The town with a cat mayor.

Don the Talking Dog.

Finding another Earth.

Diary of an antiquarian.

A millionaire's lost treasure.

A brief history of shanghaiing.

One of the last "gentlemen highwaymen."

You can now visit a "lost city" in Kansas.

This week in Russian Weird goes for a walk in Siberia.

Speaking of Siberia--which seems to be Ground Zero for Russian Weird--here's an ultra-spooky statue just begging to star in a horror movie.

An early 19th century elopement.

The first female detectives.

A joke turns out very, very badly.

Where to get away with murder.

Mohammed rises from the dead, 1903.

A luckless 16th century witch.

How to diet like a flapper.

That's all for this week!  See you on Monday, when we'll look at a man who was either wrongly persecuted...or a murderer who got away with it.  You decide!  In the meantime, here's what was rocketing up the Billboard charts several thousand years ago.


  1. I read that as "how to die like a flapper." As one does.... Another astonishing collection of well, astonishments. You never disappoint. And thanks for including my work.

    1. With any luck, next week I'll find a link for dying like a flapper.

      If cats are involved, viral nirvana!

  2. It wouldn't be Friday without the Link Dump!

  3. Another link dragged in by the cat. I like Number 25, definitely:


  4. I liked the 'Hell' article. For some reason, locations in the U.S. predominate. I have always enjoyed the - possibly apocryphal - story of a Catholic clergyman who travelled through Norway, visiting, among other sites, a town called Hell (or perhaps, Hel). He wrote to his bishop, stating, "I have been to Hell. It's full of Lutherans."


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