"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, April 19, 2019

Weekend Link Dump

There are, unfortunately, no sponsors for this week's Link Dump.  The staff at Strange Company HQ is busy celebrating Spring Break.

What the hell caused the Kentucky Meat Shower?

Watch out for those Midnight Washer Women!

In which Mr. Cambray asks to go to prison.

That time Benjamin Franklin had a rendezvous at Notre Dame.

Why you wouldn't necessarily want to see into the future.

The Witch of Loddon.

Paris' 1915 Black Easter.

Wrigley Field and the curse of the goat.

An Auschwitz commandant meets the gallows.

Meet the Milk Wizard.

Rupert of the Rhine.

A weird cliff in Latvia.

Napoleon the looter.

The bees of Notre Dame.

Goddess worship at UNC Greensboro.

The down side of Regency era tea.

Let us sing of hot cross buns.

A brief history of the Mexican Mafia.

A brief history of the spelling bee.

A brief history of suttee.

A brief history of the griffin.

A legendary Australian monster.

Two strange deaths in the Caribbean.

Mysterious falling stones in India.

Carl Panzram, a serial killer who hated the world and everyone in it.

The influence of two courtesans named Eliza.

Lost books from the 16th century.

How to turn a dodgy painting into a multi-million dollar masterpiece.

Job openings from the 18th century.

A particularly weird poltergeist case.

How Indian cadets at Sandhurst celebrated Easter vacation in 1920.

I dunno.  I think these homes are fun.  Much preferable to suburban neighborhoods such as mine filled with tract homes that all look exactly alike.

A wonderful 19th century map of New York City.

The first African-born philosopher to teach in Germany.

The stone heads of Greenwich.

California's Egg War.

A shocking 14th century murder.

The execution of a group of villains.

Somebody in Jackson, Mississippi really likes mashed potatoes.  Or really hates them.  I'm not sure which.

A play about Poe that might be even worse than that John Cusack biopic.

Victims of jealousy.

"Shakespeare slept here?"

The first female cosmonauts.

The search for George Wilson.

I'm always baffled by people who express surprise at the idea that animals might be sentient.

That's all for this week!  See you on Monday, which will bring a guest post by Peggy Gavan, familiar to WLD readers from her blog, "The Hatching Cat." In the meantime, let's remember what once was.


  1. (we both had cats and dogs. hers were neglected emotionally and medically)

    My MIL, hoping to start an argument: do you htink animals have feelings?
    me: of course. why else would I bother havign them?

    MIL: chnages the subject.

  2. I've always liked Rupert of the Rhine, but then, I have a fondness for all the little, fragmented German princely states, however badly run they were.

    And those Breton washer-women sound downright scary. Anything ordinary done by weird creatures can be creepy.


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