"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, June 16, 2017

Weekend Link Dump

This week's Link Dump is sponsored by Maurice Boulanger's Cats of June!

What the hell is this 3,000 year old mask?

What the hell are crop circles?

What the hell caused this sixth century climate disaster?

Watch out for those cursed mountains!

Watch out for those Black Box Specters!

Watch out for the Greenland Kraken!

John Aubrey and the mysterious stone.

A widow marries a ghost.

The colorful life of an early film actress.

The angels of Tudor and Stuart England.

How to throw a party in Regency London.

The sun's evil twin.

The particularly horrifying sinking of an East India Company ship.

A fatal "gentleman in black."

Stealing a saint's brain.

John Wilkes and the Manor House.

Think a wronged raven will forgive you?  Nevermore.

The Lobotomobile: Hell on wheels.

A 7500 year old drill bit.

The man who painted with Raphael.  After Raphael was dead, of course.

Richard III and one of English history's most contentious council meetings.

This week's Advice From Thomas Morris:  What not to do with lead wire.  Not to mention, what not to do with dentures when you're drunk.

Spells to aid women in childbirth.

Protecting cows in India.

What we "know" about human history has been upended.  Again.

A Japanese "suicide ship."

The execution of a Scandinavian saint.

The Antarctic explorer and the bird painting.

An English "fire monument" older than Stonehenge.

The Nazis were masters of the occult!  Well, maybe not.

Traveling to France in the Regency era.

The story behind a human tooth.

The strange rumors surrounding a woman's grave in Kent.

Some fans that commemorate historical events. 

Ruth Read and Puritan justice.

Whit Sunday and Irish folklore.

Part II of Abe the Hotel Cat.

And we're outta here.  See you on Monday, when we'll look at a pioneering Fake News peddler.  In the meantime, let's take a walk in Piccadilly during the Blitz.


  1. Wonderful footage of Piccadilly in 1941. I often wonder what became of people I see in old photographs or films, and what their lives were like. Living through aerial attack must have been terrifying.

    1. The old film footage that really haunts me shows San Francisco just a day or two before the big quake. (I may have posted it here, I don't remember.) I always wonder how many people in the film survived the disaster.


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