"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, June 24, 2016

Weekend Link Dump

This weekend's Link Dump is proud to be sponsored by the legendary Puss in Boots!

Gustave Dore

How the hell did Wilma Montesi die?

Watch out for those toilet ghosts!

Watch out for those goblin jackets!

Watch out for those killer rabbits!

Watch out for those maggot rains!

Watch out for the Beast of Gevaudan!

Watch out for those Midsummer fairies!

The lopsided Great Pyramid.

Texas and Stephen F. Austin.

The New World Order and Cecil Rhodes.

An amusement park ride that really needs to make a comeback.

The whistling Caribbean Sea.

The woman who sees all too well.

Why you would not want to visit Venus.

Marriage, as seen by the "middling sort."

I can't say I'm unhappy to see National Insect Week come to a close.

The "three military arts."

One very special drinking glass.

The unfortunate Constance Wilde.

Dangerous dogs and escaping elephants.

Midsummer folklore and the Black Death.

The Devil's Column.

The curious fame of Buckminster Fuller.

A woman's life journey, told in one 1930s scrapbook.

How to be an 18th century criminal.

Tips from an 1871 guide to New York.

Tips from a medieval guide to faking virginity.

The Collapse of Civilization; or, Here We Go Again.

You just never know when you might become a witch.

One busy day at Newgate.

Pajamas and Kaiser Wilhelm.

Some 18th century female boxers.

There are some freaking old whales out there.

Look, he wasn't called "Charles the Bad" for nothing.

I'm assuming there'd be fewer divorces if married couples still got bacon as a reward.

Miss Bacillus, one hardy guinea pig.

19th century "confidence men."

Let's talk amputated bowels, shall we?

A description of medieval whaling.

The birth of the hot dog.

The notorious Madame Recamier.

The baby and the Fairy Bush.

The sad tale of the violent pauper.

The strange tale of the Gold Dust Twins.

The even stranger tale of the stumbling ghost.

The just freaking nuts tale of the Renwick Cockatrice.

Our weekly Sinking Siberia alert!

And that wraps it up.  See you on Monday, when we'll be going exploring!  In the meantime, let's dance:


  1. Why are all the toilet ghosts Oriental? Evil spirits of the washroom? I've smelled them, I'm sure. That's why there's the Tidy Bowl Man for protection...

  2. In re "killer rabbits": I too have a permanent scar from a rabbit. This was a rabbit I got from a pet store, who was already scarred from fighting another rabbit, and ended up losing his eye. His teeth went nearly all the way through my fingertip. I have a white mark on one side of the finger, and a tiny missing chunk of flesh on the other side like a "V" cut out of the flesh below the cuticle. The finger was numb for a while, but the numbness gradually faded, and I'd almost forgotten about the scar until I read the "killer rabbit" article. Other than being aggressive when startled, this was actually an excellent pet bunny, but you musn't underestimate rabbits. They are not stuffed toys. I found that you can litter train rabbits, but their litter training disappears after dark, and tragically, there were no vaccinations available and my poor bunnies got sick and died from some wild rabbit disease they must have been exposed to in the yard.


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