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~Edgar Allan Poe

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Newspaper Clipping of the Day

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Longtime readers of this blog--assuming there are any such unfortunates--may recall this case of Mystery Flooding from the archives. Well, I've found a oddly similar report from the "Bradford Observer" for February 15, 1873:

Extraordinary Story. — Our Chorley correspondent writes that for some days past considerable excitement has been occasioned among the inhabitants of Eccleston, a village about six miles from Chorley, in consequence of a house, known as the "Savings Bank House," being visited by a most unaccountable phenomenon. The house is inhabited by two elderly ladies and their niece, and for several days during the past fortnight these have been alarmed, as they sat in the kitchen, by frequent downpours of rain, or what appeared to be rain. Although the weather was fine and frosty, the inmates were drenched two or three times a day. The ceilings appeared perfectly dry, yet the water came down in a miraculous fashion; and although the inmates were forced to carry umbrellas, but little protection was afforded. Workmen were engaged to ascertain the cause, but failed, the rain coming down as before. The kitchen and parlour have been almost flooded for days, and every article in the rooms is covered with water. The ladies are much affrighted. Scores of people have visited the house, and many persons have witnessed the extraordinary occurrence, as well as felt the unpleasant affects of the mysterious rain. The people have become impressed with the idea that the drenching downpour has its origin in some supernatural agency.

As is irritatingly common with these sort of stories, I have not found any recorded resolution to the mystery.


  1. That would be rather frightening, more so than many spectral occurrences. Umbrellas didn't stop them from getting soaked? You would think a story like that would warrant a couple more articles, at least.

    1. It always seems to be the most interesting stories that get the scantiest coverage...


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