"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, April 28, 2017

Weekend Link Dump

Perfect Link Dump masthead, don't you think?

Boston Post, 1920

What the hell are the East Bay Walls?

What the hell are these New England stone structures?

What the hell is Gobekli Tepe?

What the hell are these Irish X-rated statues?

Where the hell is the rest of Hercules?

How the hell did Otzi the Iceman die?  Yeah, they're still obsessing over that one.

Watch out for those homicidal fossil hunters!

The mausoleum of an earl and his mistress.

This week's obligatory "pushing back human history" link.

An ancient underground city in Iran.

That time they thought they had executed Jack the Ripper.

Barbers at the Old Bailey.

Another Bermuda Triangle theory is being debunked.

Here's a beer recipe you can try over the weekend.  Assuming you know how to read Sumerian.

A Victorian murder in the East End.

More secrets of the Bog Bodies.

The Cocktail King of Cuba.

The mystery of the Vanishing Men of Boston.

The Halifax Explosion and the face in the church window.

This week's Advice From Thomas Morris:  What not to do with barley.  Or a pitchfork.  (Warning: this last link had me wincing and walking very gingerly for the rest of the day.)

Playing billiards with Napoleon.

The controversial Stonehenge tunnel.

Gut bacteria would probably explain a lot about my blog and Twitter feed.

Know your death omens!

Some May Day traditions.

This week's "Oopsie!" moment.

The birth of "The Marseillaise."

A temple's sealed door.

An early 19th century polymath.

Florence Nightingale's Egyptian artifacts.

An early California execution.

A Georgian couple goes all TMI.

A college student's very strange death.

The lost city of Missouri.

How to write letters like a Victorian lady.

19th century Parisian pets.

London's time-traveling tomb.

The saga of the 1883 Dundee Ghost.

The last person legally hanged in Hawaii.

On the dangers of taking flying lessons from the Devil.

Edwardian chafing dish recipes.

Nothing like a spot of 18th century Crim. Con.

Hey, it's nearly the weekend.  Let's talk vomitoriums.  And 19th century French cholera.  Not to mention Wandering Wombs.

A vision of x-rays.

A wedding party ends badly.

Death and the weeping willow.

Some stories about Madame de Stael.

A case where ghosts secured an acquittal.

This week in Russian Weird: Big sticks go smash.

That's all for this week!  See you on Monday, when we'll revisit a case of murder in very high places.  Until then, my apologies for more Latvian folk songs, but, damn, this is beautiful.  I could listen to Kristine Karkle's voice all day.


  1. What (else) the cat brought in:



  2. The article on the ancient city under Samen is interesting. One wonders how many other treasures await discovery; possibly thousands.

  3. "What the Cat Brought In" could almost be a sub-title for the blog!

    1. I kinda wish now I had thought of it earlier. When I was setting up this blog, I had no idea every other site on the web was named "Strange Company." Urgh.


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