"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, November 18, 2016

Weekend Link Dump

This week's Link Dump is sponsored by the League of Cats Who Just Couldn't Give a Damn.

Why the hell was King Tut's tomb built in such a hurry?

Where the hell is George Washington's sash?

Where the hell are the WWII shipwrecks?

What the hell flew over Lake Ontario?

What the hell caused the killer 1952 London fog?  Now we know?

Watch out for those weasels!

Watch out for those headless horsemen!

Watch out for those murderous jesters!

Watch out for those Italian demon cats!

The elephants of France.

If you're in Myanmar, get a helmet.

The world of the panorama.

Meet the Joneses we're all trying to keep up with.

The tragedy of the lamplighter's wife.

A clairvoyant hunts for a missing explorer.

A Venetian secretary's clemency plea.

A female coterie.

Photos of 1980s Nepal.

A very unlucky roll of the dice.

An attempted murder in Gloucester, 1878.

I know the only reason any of you visit my stupid blog is because you're hoping to learn how to bewitch rats, so here you go.

A village "fatal affray."

The infamous drownings at Nantes.

Tojo's insulting dentures.

So how much did Georgians drink, anyway?

This week's Advice From Thomas Morris:  Don't mess with those 19th century Hungarian soldiers.

Also, don't blow into rifles.

On a more positive note, this week's Advice From Untold Lives tells us how to acquire a pension. Even if we're crooks.

When vanished people reappear.

It didn't pay to pretend to be a Czar's son.

ISIS is still doing its best to make the Nazis look like a Girl Scout troop.

The founding of the Iraq Museum.

What mirrors reflect about us.

That time Britain tried to stop a Dane from exploring Arabia.

On the hazards of traveling through 19th century East Anglia.

A croissant gets its own museum.

Recently-discovered ancient stone structures.

Recently-discovered "lost world of shipwrecks."

A young Queen Victoria visits the theater.

A poisoner's lucky escape.

Modern book reviews are too damn nice.

Extreme bagpiping!

The afterlife of Napoleon III.

The many deaths of Queen Victoria.

A violin-playing WWII hero.

Superstitions involving feathers.

This week in Russian Weird brings us workout videos for the dead.

And we're done!  See you all on Monday, when we'll be looking at a dark mystery from the world of horse racing.  In the meantime, here's some Marshall Crenshaw.


  1. When I was a boy, I read a book on London's 1952 'killer fog', and it discussed the reason why this fog was different than others from an atmospheric condition, and how it was trapped in one place for longer than it should have - something London's fog had probably done in the past. This article here explains why it actually killed people. Interesting.

  2. I think I could have made an excellent Georgian. (Though really I think I'm a Restoration girl.)

  3. Between "Fortean Ireland" and the "Belfast Telegraph," I think you should consider making "Irish Weird" a regular feature. (As a companion piece to "This Week In Russian Weird.") I particularly liked the weasels stealing the Bible . . .


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