"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, March 18, 2016

Weekend Link Dump

As this is the final Link Dump for Winter 2016, this week is sponsored by the Cats Who Are Ready to Spring Forward!

"Spring-Cleaning," Louis Wain

Who the hell was Pythagoras?

What the hell was the Sussex Serpent?

What the hell is the Bermuda Triangle?  Now we..maybe know?

What the hell are Australia's fairy circles?

What the hell are the Palpa Lines?

What the hell happened to Betty Andreasson?

How the hell old is the earth?

Watch out for those stomach eels!

Watch out for those honey babies!

Watch out for those cucumbers!

Watch out for those Dubuque fairies!

Watch out for the Tatzelwurm!

The life-saving art of pleading your belly.

The dogs who tried to hunt down Jack the Ripper.

Richard Simmons' life has gotten very, very weird.

Elsie Inglis, WWI doctor.

The man who saved Hadrian's Wall.

A particularly odd Welsh disappearance.

The strange death of J. Robert Oppenheimer's mistress.

Curious tales of phantom plane crashes.

A female WWII pilot.

An overview of Lancashire folklore.

Photos of 1930s Denmark.

The ciphers of the British Library.

How the 18th century poor made a living.

A very ghastly sister act.

The life-saving properties of nightgowns.

The latest on England's "mystery man of the moor."

A historic door in Cornhill.

Basically, we stink.

A complicated tale of deceit.

An ancient Roman girl has a London skyscraper as a tombstone.

Women and the Jacobite Rebellion.

A Scottish novelist discusses French customs.

Fire folklore.

A 7,000 year old megalith.

How to talk to monkeys.

Of Gods and UFOs.

You would not want to be a servant at a real-life "Downton Abbey."

You probably wouldn't be crazy about medieval castle bathrooms, either.

And don't even think about living a couple of million years ago.

The Boxing Baroness.

Having trouble sleeping?  Break out the cow dung!

The Phantom Isle of the Seven Bishops.

The history of Buddy Holly's glasses.

Bawdy medieval playing cards.

The origins of bundling.

Mary Runkle's cup of affliction.  Yeah, it was Mr. Runkle.

That cursed Hope Diamond.

A West African village in South Carolina.

How to drink like a Norman.

Zombie Pirates!

Albino ghosts!

A map of a powder mill includes a little surprise.

The poodle who took part in the Napoleonic Wars.

The Mad Baron of Mongolia.

The Deceptive Baron of Texas.

A guide to Victorian hairstyles.

The execution of a Forest Brother.

This article doesn't surprise me.  My grandmother said that after my grandfather died, she saw his ghost for some time afterwards.  It was a great comfort to her.

Do you like porcelain?  Thank this alchemist.

An Irish setter gets a fine funeral.

Medicinal beer!

What's new, Pussycar?

The Cowman and the Witch.

How to get your money's worth out of Georgian theater.

And that's all for this week, folks!  See you on Monday, with a tale of witchcraft.  Scottish witchcraft, my favorite kind.  In the meantime, celebrate the arrival of Spring with a little Vivaldi:


  1. The 'Bermuda Triangle' always makes me chuckle. It covers tens of thousands of square miles, and pretty well every ship that came to or went from the Americas for hundreds of years had to pass through it, and people are astonished that there have been shipwrecks and disappearances. It's like people being amazed that people get shot in Texas.

  2. But I do like the idea of cats cleaning the house. I wish I could get mine to do that...

    1. It's hard enough just getting them to pay rent.


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