"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, February 26, 2016

Weekend Link Dump

This week's Link Dump is proud to be sponsored by the Fellowship of Cross-Eyed Cats!

Where the hell is the Wizard of Ladysmith?

What the hell is this ancient wall?

What the hell is falling in Michigan?

Why the hell are crows dying in Ohio?

Who the hell poisoned Olive Loomis?

Watch out for Tom Dockin!

Watch out for exploding teeth!

The Thomas Morris blog:  Come for the exploding teeth, stay for the ear teeth.

Fire at the Theatre Royal, 1809.

The folklore of the cat.

Clown funeral, anyone?

The world's oldest dress.

A ghost that smelled of death.  Which seems pretty logical, when you think of it.

The history of the Regent Diamond.

The House of Mews.  I wish there were more places like this.

"Circus Freak Lobster Boy Got Away With Murder Until He Was Killed By His Own Family."  The headline pretty much says it all, but here are the details.

Edward II vs. the Sorcerer.

Skin care, Victorian style.

An early shot in the War of the Roses:  The downfall of  Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester.

America's first great plunger.

A plot to save the French royal family.

The horrors of Georgian hair pomades.

Of Peyps, pans, and pretenders.

The dangers of trying to make your daughter Queen of England.

Wrong place, wrong time.

The bizarre kidnapping of Lady Grange.  (I covered that little Scottish domestic drama here.)

Haunted Edinburgh.

People have always been noisy.

Love letters from sailors.

This week's archaeological "Oops!"

A 19th century version of a Facebook page.

The latest from Easter Island.

"To Cure Buggs."

Helen Duncan, the last witch.

Elizabeth Hamilton was more than just Alexander's wife.

Phrenology and Abraham Lincoln.

Let's talk regimental chickens.

Let's talk Tudor underwear.

Let's talk Georgian muffs.

That time Lord Nelson got pickled.

A visit to the Tower of London ravens.

A visit to a 19th century Munich "Dead-house."

A Manchester Sherlock Holmes.

A tribute to Sir Christopher Wren.

The inspiration for Thomas Hardy's Tess.

Measuring the weight of a soul.

Be warned:  Putting a sheet over your head may be a criminal offense.

The richest man who ever lived.

A suffragette Indian princess.

A complex early 19th century murder case.

Bring on the leeches!

A stunning vintage photo of the ever-stunning Neuschwanstein Castle.

An 1880 fairy frolic.

This week in Russian Weird:  Keeping cool in Yakutsk.

And, finally, the Fortean world received some sad news this week:  Melanie Billings, co-editor of the indispensable site, The Anomalist, suddenly passed away at the age of only 42.

This wraps up yet another Link Dump.  See you on Monday, when I'll be looking at two very puzzling deaths at Niagara Falls.  In the meantime, here's Guy Clark.  I can't tell you how this song has been hitting home for me lately.


  1. Just the phrase 'exploding teeth' was enough to keep me from looking at that article...

    1. Just as well. My molars have ached ever since.


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