"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, August 14, 2015

Weekend Link Dump

This week's Link Dump is proud to be sponsored by the Literary Cats of California.

What the hell is this "underwater Stonehenge?"

What the hell is this "Russian Stonehenge?"

What the hell is written on this medieval sword?

What the hell are these ancient Hebrew inscriptions?

Why the hell did Neanderthals have such large eyes?

Who the hell invented ice cream?

Who the hell are the Girls On the Negatives?

Who the hell was the Monster With 21 Faces?

Where the hell is Nefertiti's tomb?

Where the hell is the Roanoke colony?

Watch out for Restaurant X!

Watch out for poison gardens!

Watch out for Witching Spiders!

Watch out for Toast Water!

An amusing Victorian urban legend.

Modern-day alchemy.

A poltergeist case from the mid-1990s.

Advice for retired Indian Army soldiers.

Well, all righty.

Pondering those mysterious bog bodies.

We have met the alien, and it is an octopus.

The "Wizard of Graphology."

Magicians vs. Hitler.

We have seen the future, and, as you can probably guess, it ain't pretty.

The Victorian era's most famous spiritualist.

Two notorious breach-of-promise cases.

The sad tale of Napoleon's widower swan.

How electricity was seen in the 1890s.

Robert Louis Stevenson visits California.

The early history of smallpox vaccination.

A woman who was framed for witchcraft.

White slavery in Pennsylvania.

The case of the Magdeburg Rocket.

The case of the 9,000 year old monolith.

The case of the Murderous Mummy.

The case of the missing Everest expedition.

A photograph of 1839 London.

A roundup of 19th century wild men.

Strange stories involving "phantom limbs."

The wild talents of a blind girl.

A look at Weird Cambridge.

The autobiographical manuscripts of a 19th century French farm servant.

The first Afghan war.

Has Spring-heeled Jack moved to Argentina?

This touching post reflects exactly how I feel about every pet I've lost during my life.  (And Tungsten sounds so much like my late, great Lucy, it's kind of eerie.)

Do some people live identical lives?

Investigating Rita of Rollright.

Don't let any good witchcraft go to waste!

Remembering a past life as a snake.

Rufus W. Griswold slept here.

George III's "amiable" daughter.

The story of England's first cat show.

And, finally, some wonderful film footage of San Francisco, made just before the 1906 earthquake.

That's all for this week! See you on Monday, when we'll be talking 18th century poltergeists. In the meantime, here's the finale to one of my favorite productions of "Fidelio."


  1. A very exciting story about the possibility of discovering Nerfertiti's tomb. I hope they explore further.

  2. The post on Tungsten certainly hit home....I still miss a certain orange cat I lost in 2007.

  3. That 1906 San Francisco footage is amazing!

  4. So the Rollright stones were actually parking meters???


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