"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, July 3, 2015

Weekend Link Dump

The cats wish all Americans a happy Independence Day!.

On to some 4th of July Dread, Fright, and Boo! links:

Why the hell didn't Napoleon escape to America?

Where the hell is this genetically modified jellyfish sheep?

How the hell did these babies wind up in a church cellar?

How the hell did this Chinese sword wind up in Georgia?

Watch out for the Unwritten Law!

Watch out for those jumping wild men!

Watch out for those rolling ghost heads!

Own a dog?  Watch out for the suicide bridge!

Watch out for the creaking cauliflower!

Watch out for those lethal tennis games!

Watch out for those lethal umbrellas!

Watch out for those Illustrated Police News weddings!

Watch out for The Watcher!

New Zealand is really booming!

Australia is really booming!

One of the Georgian era's great dirty minds.

The case of the philanthropic witch.

A notorious French trunk murder.

Philippe de Loutherbourg, one of the 18th century's great "characters."

The horrifying fate of the Radium Girls.

Pro tip: When you're at war, make sure you're landing with your team.

The Gunning Sisters, social climbers extraordinaire.

Skepticism is all well and good, but this really seems to be a stretch.

Some haunted Scottish castles.  With or without mold.

"Ouch," Iron Age Dept.

Deporting the dead.

Correcting the historical record about Phineas Gage.

Paying a painful price for bigamy.

Emma Hardinge Britten's spectral stalker.

The ghosts of Mackinac Island.

Amelia Dyer, world's worst babysitter.

"Don't cry for me, Bosworth Fie-e-e-e-ld..."

The fight over whether or not Billy the Kid is dead.  Or something.

The 18th century really had a way with bigamy.

The Easter Island statues just keep getting weirder.

Death by flower petal. (Reminds me of those lines from "The Duchess of Malfi": "What would it pleasure me to have my throat cut with diamonds? or to be smothered with cassia? or to be shot to death with pearls?")

The "Land of the Faeries."

A guide to Georgian-era kitchens.

The history of the sneeze.

Laura Fair's deadly revenge.

Ghosthunters find a bit more than they bargained for.

Two early 20th century Indian suffragettes.

The legends of Mortimer's Tunnel.

Framing a two-year-old for murder.

Marcus Aurelius and the interpretation of history.

It seems that London is just lousy with superheroes.

How the Communists made people insane.

Is this Vincent Van Gogh?

These may be North America's oldest human footprints.

Victorian London captured in a series of photographs.

Thomas Kemble, kissing Colonist.

A young German bride begins a new life in Santa Fe.

How people died in 1743.

The creepy kidnapping that inspired a creepy novel.

A well-preserved ancient Roman shipwreck.

Samuel Drew and the Cornish Bear Monster.

A virtual time machine visits an ancient Roman town.

Speaking of the Romans, they had a real gift for snark.

An amazing 18th century Chinese clock.

I'm not sure if this is insulting to the Neanderthals or the Cossacks.

And, finally, a bear enjoying the daily laps in his swimming pool.

Well, it's time to bring down the curtain on yet another Link Dump. On Monday, I'll be back with a look at one of Kansas City's strangest murder cases. In the meantime, bring on The Band:

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  1. Life is a carnival, believe it or not...
    Thanks for The Band.


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