"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekend Link Dump

Enjoy the summer! Have a ball!

Or, in the case of the cats, be a ball.

On to this week's Link Smorgasbord:

Who the hell was The Ulsterman?

What the hell are the Takenouchi Manuscripts?

What the hell are these Siberian...ah, hell, forget it, they're signs we're all doomed.

Watch out for those slithering skin purses!

Watch out for those hoodoo houses!

Watch out for those sexy snuffboxes!

Watch out for those Women in Black!

Watch out for those Annecy Dead Heads!

Watch out for those ghostly cricket fans!

Yorkshire is really booming!

The sad life of the Duchess of Wellington.

Padre Padilla, one corpse who refused to rest in peace.

From the "What the bloody freaking hell?!" file, Civil War subcategory.  Meet George Pickett, female Confederate General.

From the "What the bloody freaking hell?!" file, World War II subcategory.  Meet Adolf Hitler at home.  He loves people.  And they love him.

What really sank the Titanic?  Why, the Mummy's Curse, of course!

Life in 19th century Irish courtrooms.

How to transform yourself into a Georgian beauty:  all you need is white lead, mouse hair, and horse manure...

...Not to mention the cork rumps and tin stomachs!

Historical invective, Lord Nelson Department.

The curious case of the woman who spontaneously spoke an extinct form of a language.

The luckiest villages in Britain.  They number thirteen, naturally.

You might assume that someone named Bampfylde Moore Carew would have an interesting life.  You would be right.

You might assume that someone named Richard Rich would have a rather boring life.  You would be very wrong.

The Case of the Ashford Heiress.

We have met the aliens, and they are us?

The science of out-of-body experiences.

A look at Nessie's lesser-known cousin.

Douglass Dumbrille, who made good by being bad.

A look at one of my favorite fictional men, the illustrious Psmith.

Beating the heat in 1899.

A look at Victorian street traders.

Dead giraffes, robot hands, cement eating creatures and a kangamouse:  Why you don't want to go swimming in New York City.

New revelations about Denmark's Bog Bodies.

Resurrecting a 5,000 year old stone carving.

Robots, humans, and the uncanny valley.

The mysteries of medieval church graffiti.

Frances Flower, who stood tall in Nottinghamshire.

DIY Eden on a remote island.

The "Perfect Man" of the 1890s was far from being perfect, after all.

Revolutionary marriages that really went to war.

Are these the world's oldest footprints?

A Different Drummer, 1476.

Beach Blanket Alien.

Urban VIII, a Pope whose prayers utilized a little something extra.

And, finally, let's wrap this up with my favorite Warren Zevon song, about some strange company in the Hollywood Hawaiian Hotel:

I'm outta here. See you all next week, with the story of a scandalous early 19th century murder...if it was a murder at all.


  1. The 'women in black' story makes for eerie reading. They are so intrusive and unpleasant-sounding that one would naturally think them to be bureaucrats.

  2. Warren Zevon! You made my day, doll!!!

    1. Love the guy. That song in particular brings back many memories of my misspent youth.

  3. Woot! Another Friday link list to entertain and inform!


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