"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, June 20, 2014

Weekend Link Dump

Strange Company wants it known that we welcome our new cat overlords:

With that said, it's on to the links:

Who the hell was poor Little Albert?

Who the hell were the Red Deer Cave People?

What the hell is this Oopart?

What the hell are these Caucasus dolmens?

What the hell happened to Ramon Pereyra in 1968?

What the hell happened over Nuremberg in 1561?  With illustrations!

What the hell is happening to Shropshire sheep?

What the hell is happening to European radar?

Why the hell is this mummy blinking?

Watch out for those seven-headed monsters!

Watch out for those Black Dogs!

Watch out for those lawn mowers!

Watch out for those Worems in the Teeth!

Watch out for those Rainbow Orbs!

Watch out for those Blue Holes!

Watch out for those maniacal raving Beast Men!

More than anything else, watch out for this guy.

New Zealand is really booming!

Summer's almost here!  Be your own life-jacket!

The Pope and the Impaler.

17th century foodies run amok.

Meet some late-Victorian cats.

What's the one thing creepier than a live stalker?  A dead one, of course.

The details of Richard III's reburial have finally been completed.  I've seen a lot of snotty comments online about this new tomb--the general theme is that he's going from one car park to another--but I rather like the design.  I wish that new Poe statue in Boston was half this tasteful.  In any case, let's hope this most controversial of kings can now finally rest in peace.

...Well, maybe he will, maybe he won't.  Is this where Richard really wanted to be buried?

Speaking of burials, here's a touching look at America's oldest pet cemetery.

An amazing 18th century miniature book of portraits.

A list of people who picked really lousy times to die.

Selling a human skull is not as easy as you might think.

Not enough ghosts in your life?  Consider moving to Agnew, Michigan.

The mystery of the Italian Princess' fly.

Investigating a 19th century Washington tomb.

69 Charlotte Street hosts a Fortean house party.

A British lady's description of Waterloo.

The royal nurses of World War I.

Looking for World Cup predictions?  Well, don't count on the pandas.

That time we nearly nuked North Carolina.  Hey, mistakes happen from time to time.

Because I know you're all longing to know what being executed with molten gold is like, here you go.  Spoiler alert:  It isn't fun.

Hitler's spending his afterlife with great-granny.  It is not explained if this is eternal punishment for Adolf or for Grandma.

A brief history of the Flapper.

"Don't tell me women/Are not the stuff of heroes."  Qiu Jin certainly was.

A peek at George III's medical records.

A description of a typical upper-class medieval Russian wedding.

The Victorian mania for seaweed.

The first air crash fatalities, 1785.

Hard times for a magician, 1628.

And, finally, meet Mariska, the Houdini Horse.

Thus closes yet another Link Dump. See you on Monday, when I'll be posting the story of Martin Guerre Redux in 1920s Arkansas.

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