"...we should pass over all biographies of 'the good and the great,' while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, in Bedlam, or upon the gallows."
~Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekend Link Dump

Strange Company made the mistake of letting the cats read about ancient Egypt.

They're now using kitty litter to build a pyramid and Mac has decided he's the Sphinx.

On to this week's Link Festival:

What the hell is on Mars?

What the hell happened in Levelland, Texas, in 1957?

What the hell happened to Meriwether Lewis?

What the hell is Dighton Rock?

Who the hell were these copper-plated mummies?

Who the hell was Perkin Warbeck?

Watch out for those haunted cars!

Watch out for those New Mexico Subterranean Aliens!

Watch out for those UFO Djinns!

Watch out for those Hazel Grove Big Cats!

Watch out for those talking chickens!

Watch out for those Momos!

Watch out for those headless witch zombies!

Highgate is still really booming!

Kansas and Maryland are still really booming!

Moral: If you want to be Oscar Wilde's sister-in-law, you'd better like the sight of dentures as bric-a-brac.

Some ancient oral histories about Oregon's Crater Lake.

A beautiful, poignant, and disturbing 20th century mummy.

The story of a Panamanian pirate surgeon.

The story of the photographer and the giant.  Plus extempore poetry.

So, why has this castle been abandoned for 20 years, you ask?  I have the answer in three words:  Imagine the dusting.

Hamish McHamish, the Scottish cat with his very own statue.

The details of a fixed match from the 3rd century's WWE.

UFOs are a girl's best friend.

More Sailor Cats!

More Bookstore Cats!

In which the Victorians explain the health benefits of facial hair.

Some lesser-known Lincoln death predictions.

On the same subject:  Other than that, Mr. Munger, how was the play?

A Neanderthal childhood:  pretty good?  (Probably, yes, considering that schools and Saturday morning cartoons hadn't been invented yet.)

The demimonde and the 18th century NSA.

Looking for a weekend DIY project?  Here's how to make your own mermaid.  And here is a fine example of the finished product.

Nine Men's Morris: here, there, and everywhere!

The Titanic captain's predictably unhappy ghost.

Is Rome even older than we thought?

Are domesticated cats even older than we thought?

Satan turns real estate agent.

So, it seems there is such a thing as "Communist Chic."  I'm sure this is quite entertaining for anyone who has not had a taste of the real deal.

For all you Russian royals out there:  It's best not to name your daughters "Alexandra."

A look back at the glory days of New York's Postal Service feline police squad.

A tour of Britain's oldest Jewish cemetery.

Armchair archaeology, anyone?

How a book about Jesse James led to a murder.

Erotic Victorian shaving.  Or something like that.

16th century Clippers and Coiners.

Neon New York:  Wonderful color photos of 1946 Gotham at night.

Oh, for God's sake, leave Richard III alone, already!

How to be an obnoxious public nuisance, Regency Style.

A great mystery finally explained:  Why psychics don't win lotteries.

The story of an aristocratic Victorian elopement.

The Georgian Tripadvisor.

Lena Ashwell, the woman who brought culture to the World War I trenches.

Lorina Butler:  properly shaped, prolific seamstress, epic complainer, barking mad.

And, finally, Death provides our helpful advice for the week:

And there you have it! If we fail to meet over the weekend on Twitter or Facebook, I'll see you on Saturday, when I will present a special Easter-themed post, featuring criminal bunnies and the Eggs of Death.


  1. Sorry, Death made me laugh out loud.

    1. "Neglect your bowels" is quite the rallying cry, isn't it?


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